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International film evening with special guest 04.05.2024

International film evening with special guest 04.05.2024

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Celebrate with us in an exclusive ambience with only 40 guests.
We invite you to an international film evening with our special guest Roger Worrod.  He is an actor and dubbing actor in the golden era of Italian film. He did the dubbing voice of the villain in Two of a Kind in England and has also dubbed our audio guide in English for the second time. He will accompany the evening and tell you about his dubbing work and his involvement in the Spencerhill universe.
Admission starts at 19:30 and SpencerHill World will present this exclusive evening to you from 20:15. 
There will also be an exclusive guided tour of the museum and of course you can marvel at the documentary, the multimedia gallery, the attractions and all the exhibits in a small fan community with a maximum of 40 guests.
On these evenings only, you can also have a private mobile phone photo shoot with our lifelike characters - unforgettable to finally stand next to Bud and/or Terence! You can also push the rocket track from Zwei wie Pech und Schwefel and see if you can do as many rounds as Bud.
You can stock up at your leisure in the fan shop.
We look forward to seeing you
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