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Spencerhill Festival 2023 - Children Ticket

Spencerhill Festival 2023 - Children Ticket

Price: 1,00 € incl. VAT plus Delivery Product number.: SHF2023-KID Download Article
Simply select the age of the children. The ticket costs 1 Euro for each year up to the age of 16. Above this age an adult ticket is required.
Please note that all our tickets are online tickets. After purchase you can download the tickets immediately. In case of prepayment, the tickets will be activated manually.
The ticket offered here is valid from September 27 to September 30. With it you have access to the official Bud Spencer and Terence Hill 2023 fan gathering.
Included in the ticket are all festival events such as live concerts, stunt shows, film screenings, contests, and all attractions at Eldorado Park.
For more information about the festival visit the Spencerhill Festival page.
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